Oil Tank Locating / Tank Sweeps

Our Oil Tank Assurance (OTA) plan is simple. If after we leave a site and provide a certification, not only will it be comprehensive, but it will be backed by our $20,000.00 warranty.*

100% Guaranteed Oil Tank Sweep and Testing from OilTankAssurance.com
Yes, read through our website and contract. If you choose our Tank Search Assurance plan, we guarantee the results up to $20,000.00.


How It Works

An OTA technician will arrive at your site. We typically start inside. The technician will enter the basement or furnace area of the dwelling. The technician will be looking for patchwork in the foundation walls which is consistent with tank removal.

Interior Search Examples

  • Oil tank found behind a wall. Oil Tank Assurance.
    A hidden above ground storage tank, found behind a wall.

The technician will search for abandoned piping or copper lines in the wall or floor. If any lines are found, OTA will connect a transmitter to the line and return outside with a receiver to locate the exact area. If no lines are present, OTA will return outside and thoroughly inspect the foundation for any oil vent or fill pipes. If a pipe is found, again, a transmitter will be connected and OTA will trace the piping with a receiver.

If no pipes are found, OTA will scan a 30 foot radius around the structure to a depth of 8 feet searching for any large metallic objects which are consistent with the size and shape of an underground storage tank.

Are inspections guaranteed? To date, every single inspection report contains a margin of error and loophole in the report.

Yes, even our basic service contains this. There are more and more underground objects and utilities in the ground. A basic search does a great job and even with the contingencies, lenders understand and accept the reports with a disclaimer.


Tank found with magnetometer and probe by Oil Tank Assurance

Tank found with magnetometer and probe.


How to Protect Yourself and Your Investment

  • Read the contract!
  • Did the contractor give you a guarantee option?
  • Is the contractor registered with the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs?
  • Is the contractor asking for cash?
  • Does the contractor provide you with proof of insurance, not just liability, but Workers’ Compensation for employees?