About Us

We are a company that realizes that:

Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them. — W. Edwards Deming


Steve Rich Group staff.
Our team.

The Environmental business is extremely tough because we are usually on a project site to alleviate pain. We are taking someone’s savings or equity and at the end, they feel no gratification as there is no product of substance.

(I’ve wished I built new family rooms, pools or backyard patios where people forge memories and brag about our work).

Regardless of how a company or person feels when the project is completed, my staff and I hold our heads up high knowing we did everything in our power to complete the project as efficiently and productively as possible.

We also know when the cost of completion is more than anyone expected or wanted to spend, we completed the project at fair margins in order to maintain a profit and business where our employees can be secure.

Rarely does one call saying remove my oil tank, “Starbucks wants my property and is paying 10 times it’s value, I don’t mind this expense!”

We have been in business for 30 plus years with our group of companies. All of them have been within the North Jersey area. I still speak to my first client from when I was 18 back in 1981, and recently helped them solve an issue at their restaurant. We recently figured out that I have worked for over 20,000 of my neighbors.

I have lots of employees that have been with us for many years. Without them, there would be no success and I most likely would not still be helping a client that I had in 1981.

To me, having those relationships is what I call success.


About Me

Steve Rich

I have been living and working in Bergen County since 1981. I have over 100 credits from Seton Hall, Montclair, Ramapo, Bergen Community, Rutgers and Arthur Lehman in the Bronx. I realized after 1 year at Seton Hall, computer science was not for me, yet here I am writing this on a laptop to post on my website. I decided to take an array of engineering, horticulture and science classes instead.

I was a confirmed bachelor until 2012 when while shopping for great Italian ingredients on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx (yes, I love to cook — and eat!), I met my now wife who is from Milan, Italy. In 2015, we were married on Lake Como in Italy.

I get great enjoyment when I forge relationships with my clients and they extend beyond business. There is nothing better than speaking about dogs. Most of my customers know I bring my dog Ally to work with me. Fish stories evolving around the ocean and Montauk or the typical sports banter of Yankees and Giants are also great.