Our Guaranteed ‘Not To Exceed’ Pricing Model vs. Flat Rate

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Difference between ‘Not To Exceed’ pricing and ‘Flat Rate’ pricing on projects


It’s simple, a flat rate price has been calculated from years of knowing what can and can’t go wrong. No company is in business to lose money. If none of the possible contingencies come up, you have overpaid for the service. What is even scarier is if a company ends up with issues, overlooked issues, are they going to walk away? Are they going to hide something? Sweep something under the rug which comes back to haunt you?


Oil Tank Assurance works differently. We go over the project with you. We give you options and you decide how you want to handle the project.

We will come out and pretest the tank and soils.

  • For tanks that are in use or still have a fill cap, our team will come out and stick the tank and let you know the tank contents. We will order utility markouts and assure you that we can work without utilities over the tank, which could cost more money. Based on the results, we can now offer a not to exceed pricing.
  • For tanks that have no fill cap and possibly were previously abandoned. We will take soil samples from inside the tank assuring you that that the materials inside are inert and have no signs of contamination. We will extract soil samples from the outside as well. This process allows you to know exactly what is the NOT TO EXCEED PRICING. This will let you know if the tank was abandoned properly and you will have no surprises.